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Academy of Business


The High Net Academy of Business features courses and master classes designed to teach and assist budding entrepreneurs with the launching, developing and expanding of their business. Each student will be given access to our proprietary platform; that comes equip with hundreds of resources and tools necessary to run a successful business.

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Academy of Finance


The High Net Academy of Finance features 4-week, instructor-led courses and virtual classrooms; where students will learn the Fundamental principles, strategies, and techniques necessary for success in their investment journey. These investor education courses cover hot topics of interest, such as: trading the stock market, to retirement  & estate planning. 

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Academy of Real Estate


The High Net Academy of Real Estate features intensive 4-week courses designed to introduce aspiring investors and enthusiasts to core fundamentals of real estate investing. With that purpose, these real estate investor courses are designed to better equip and enhance students knowledge of the essential principles to succeed in real estate investing.